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TW 100% Emerald Pure Coffee 5 lb (Blended Exclusively for Catering Industry) 捷榮純咖啡 (餐飲業專用5磅裝)

TW 100% Emerald Pure Coffee 5 lb (Blended Exclusively for Catering Industry) 捷榮純咖啡 (餐飲業專用5磅裝)

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於此為熱門商品,有時可能無法及時補貨。如遇到長期缺貨,歡迎致電 510-764-4416  給我們查詢 (國/粵/英語),我們將立即協助您預訂。

Due to the popularity of this product, there may be instances where restocking is not immediate. In case of prolonged unavailability, feel free to call us (510-764-4416) for inquiries, and we will promptly assist you in making a pre-order.

Net Wt: 5 LB

Product of Hong Kong


  • 港式鴛鴦原料
  • 使用阿拉比卡咖啡豆 (精品咖啡級)
  • 研磨咖啡
  • 餐飲業專用5磅袋裝
  • 香港進口
  • 沖泡方法:將咖啡粉置於濾布或濾紙,以熱水沖泡,萃取美味香醇咖啡,混和捷榮拼茶可製作地道港式鴛鴦

捷榮咖啡供應全球連鎖快餐店,茶餐廳,各大飯店,航空公司 超過 85年以上,年銷3.38億杯

  • Ground Arabica coffee, restaurant use grade
  • Ingredient of traditional Hong Kong style Yuanyang (coffee with tea blended)
  • Imported from Hong Kong
  • Serving method: Filter brewing. Mix with TW blended tea to create authentic Hong Kong Yuanyang.

TW Coffee supplies global fast food chains, Hong Kong restaurants, major hotels, airlines, and sells 338 million cups annually.

Arabica coffee beans, characterized by their narrow and elongated shape, have low caffeine content and higher levels of fat and sugar. This results in a taste profile with a subtle sweetness and hints of berry fragrance, offering a rich and layered aroma. The excellent flavor of Arabica coffee is also reflected in its price, which is typically 2-3 times higher than Robusta beans. As a result, Arabica coffee is often used in specialty and single-origin coffees.


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