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Crayon Shinchan Chocobi Snack Choco Flv. 22g

Crayon Shinchan Chocobi Snack Choco Flv. 22g

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The famous chocolate crisps that starred in the Japanese anime "Kureyon Shinchan"

The crisps are star-shaped and have a deep, delicious milk chocolate flavor. There is a sticker in each package.


Ingredients: sugar, vegetable oil, corn grits (genetically unmodified), bread crumbs, margarine, cocoa powder, sweetened milk, caramel sauce, salt, cream (dairy), fermented flavor powder, lactose, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, cream powder, Unburnt egg shell, caramel pigment, flavor, emulsifier, trehalose

(may contain soy)


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