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Black Sesame Flavor Pastry 160 g 黑芝麻流心酥

Black Sesame Flavor Pastry 160 g 黑芝麻流心酥

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Guangdong Yanghang Food is a well-established enterprise with a rich history, dedicated to the production and sale of Chaozhou-style specialty foods. Renowned as the "Pastry Family," Yanghang not only preserves traditional craftsmanship but also continuously explores and innovates Chaozhou China's classic cuisine. Their extensive product line includes leisure snacks, specialty souvenirs, beverages, mooncakes, and pre-made dishes. This highly anticipated Black Sesame Lava Pastry have gained popularity.

Experience the joy of this special Chinese pastry – Black Sesame Flavor Lava Pastry – a crispy delight with a luscious black sesame filling. Each bite offers the perfect blend of crispiness and a velvety, flowing center. Elevate your snack time with this sweet and nutty sensation. Try it now for a burst of flavors!


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