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Jia Bao

Salty Peach Flesh 160 g 佳寶鹽津桃肉

Salty Peach Flesh 160 g 佳寶鹽津桃肉

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Net Wt. 185 g

Product of China

Introducing 'Jiabao,' a renowned and time-honored name in China's pickled snack industry. 'Salty Peach Flesh' is a delectable creation from 'Jiabao' that features succulent pickled peach flesh. This delightful treat is the result of expert craftsmanship and a commitment to preserving traditional flavors. 'Salty Peach Flesh' offers a unique and savory taste experience, perfect for those who appreciate the rich heritage of Chinese pickled snacks. Discover the exquisite flavor of pickled peach flesh with Jiabao's Salty Peach Flesh!


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