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Assorted Herbs for Energizing & Dampness Reliving Soup 142 g 煲湯靚料 - 袪濕料

Assorted Herbs for Energizing & Dampness Reliving Soup 142 g 煲湯靚料 - 袪濕料

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Note: This product is intended for health and wellness purposes only. For actual treatment and therapeutic effects, please consult a registered traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. 備註:本產品只作養生保健之用,實際治病及療效請諮詢註冊中醫師

Net Wt: 142 g

Origin: China

煲湯靚料 - 袪濕湯 Assorted Herbs for Energizing & Dampness Reliving Soup 142 g  #32021

The term “Dampness” is used in Chinese medicine and can be the underlying cause of many conditions such as achy joints and limbs, headaches, many digestive issues, sluggishness and depression, and skin conditions such as acne and eczema . Symptoms include a feeling of heaviness, puffiness of the skin, swelling or water retention, distended abdomen, phlegm discharge, nodular masses, loose bowels etc. People with a dampness condition often have sluggish energy and/or easily gain weight.

"Dampness reliving" soup should not be too greasy, avoid using anything in high calories and choose low-fat ingredients such as lean meat and skinless chicken will be more effective.

Instruction: Wash all the ingredients, put them aside first, blanching the meat briefly to remove blood, impurities, and excess fat from the surface of the meat (fully cooked is not needed at this point) then cut it into small pieces. Use another pot of clean water, add all the ingredients including the meat, bring to a boil over high heat. After the water boils again, turn to low heat and cook for 1.5-2 hours. You can add salt for seasoning.

“濕”一詞用於中醫,是許多疾病的根本原因,如關節和四肢疼痛、頭痛、許多消化問題、遲鈍和抑鬱,以及濕疹痤瘡等皮膚病。 症狀包括感覺沈重、皮膚浮腫、水腫、腹脹、痰液、結節性腫塊、大便稀爛等。患有濕病的人通常精力不濟和/或容易發胖。




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