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Hong Kong Style Blended Tea 5 lb 捷榮拼配茶 (港式奶茶專用)

Hong Kong Style Blended Tea 5 lb 捷榮拼配茶 (港式奶茶專用)

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由於此為熱門商品,有時可能無法及時補貨。如遇到長期缺貨,歡迎致電 510-764-4416  給我們查詢 (國/粵/英語),我們將立即協助您預訂。

Due to the popularity of this product, there may be instances where restocking is not immediate. In case of prolonged unavailability, feel free to call us (510-764-4416) for inquiries, and we will promptly assist you in making a pre-order.

Net Wt: 餐館裝5磅  Restaurant Exclusive 5 lb

Product of Hong Kong

    • Selected black tea loose leaves exclusively for traditional authentic "Hong Kong Silky Stocking Milk Tea”
    • Familiar taste to Hong Kong people
    • The tea uses by the Hong Kong Supreme Milk Tea King champion
    • Imported from Hong Kong

    Brew in tea pot, then strain with filter cloth bag for a smooth and strong-flavored tea. For traditional style, add evaporated milk for silkiness and use sugar for sweetness. For "Cha Jau" style (sugarless but sweet), use condensed milk instead. Mix with coffee and evaporated milk to create authentic "Yuanyang" style (Coffee & Tea blended). Instruction please see video below:


  • 香港茶餐廳正宗絲襪奶茶專用精選拼茶茶葉 5磅袋裝
  • 香港人最熟悉的奶茶味道
  • 香港至尊奶茶王冠軍奪冠使用茶
  • 香港進口

將茶葉在茶壺中煮,以濾布袋過濾,製成光滑而濃郁的茶。最傳統的風格,是添加淡奶去增加柔滑度,而添加甜度則採用白糖。 至於無糖而甜的所謂「茶走」(奶茶走糖) 風格,是使用煉乳去代替白糖和淡奶。此外以濃茶混和咖啡、糖和淡奶,即成地道港式鴛鴦。(製作方法可參照以下短片)

 [2分鐘學識] 沖出正宗港式奶茶 (由 捷榮奶茶大師教學):

2 mins instruction video by specialist:


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