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Roller Seasoned Cuttlefish 18 g 金龜嘜魷魚片

Roller Seasoned Cuttlefish 18 g 金龜嘜魷魚片

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Net Wt:  18 g

Wild caught in Pacific Ocean

Product of Thailand 泰國產品 

泰國版 金龜嘜魷魚片  

*時興隆是香港代理商,魷魚品牌實際是金龜嘜,此產品(泰國版) 直接由泰國進口美國,不經香港代理重新包裝,因此不會有香港市場的時興隆包裝。

FAQ: Why is the packaging different from what is commonly seen in Hong Kong?

This Thai version of "Ladybird brand" cuttlefish snacks has a different packaging compared to the one called "Sze Hing Loong Ladybird brand" in Hong Kong because "Sze Hing Loong" is the distributor in Hong Kong, but the actual brand of the product is "Ladybird". This product (the Thai version) is directly imported from Thailand to the United States and does not go through the process of repackaging by the Hong Kong distributor, Sze Hing Loong, so it remain it's original packaging and does not have the packaging designed for the Hong Kong market.







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