Pure & Natural Honey (Lychee Flavor) 24.7 oz 台灣純正荔枝蜂蜜


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Product of Taiwan

The taste of honey in each country can be said to be the epitome of the country’s climate and geography. The flavor of honey varies according to the place of origin and the types of plants that bees collect nectar from.  Taiwan, the paradise of fruits, is famous all over the world for their fruit production. FOURMOSA's Lychee honey is the honey that bees collect from lychee tree nectar in Taiwan.

FOURMOSA's pure and natural Taiwan lychee honey is rich in nutritional value, rich in enzymes, pesticide-free, antibiotic-free, and has a moderately sweet taste, unique aroma, and tasty.

每個國家的蜂蜜味道可以說是該國氣候和地理的縮影。 蜂蜜的味道因產地和蜜蜂採集花蜜的植物類型而異。 台灣是水果的天堂,水果出產聞名於世。 FOURMOSA的荔枝蜜正是從台灣荔枝樹花蜜中採集的蜂蜜。